I am including a ZIP file here that contains a Firefox Portable that is already set up for you!

- Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition can run from a cloud folder, external drive, or local folder without installing into Windows.
- Mouse gestures for Firefox. A web extension that allows you to right click and drag your mouse to make gestures that control your browser.
Text to Speech is a text to speech engine with natural sounding voices; highlight your text and click the speech button to hear it out loud.

Save and then unzip this file to your desktop, then you can double click on the shortcut to browse.  You don't need to install anything ...

My version of Firefox Portable contains:
  • Mringram.com is set as the homepage.
  • Links/shortcuts to mringram.com, Edsby, and ADSB are placed on the toolbar.
  • An older version of Flash is included so you can play online educational games.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) Addon is built in.
    Highlight text and click on the speech bubble to have it read out loud to you!
  • Mouse Gestures Addon is built in.
    You can right click and drag your mouse to easily control browsing!