Hello CASS Intermediate teachers!

Here is a quick run-down of how our first morning will run on Tuesday.

8:45    Round up everyone to the cafeteria

8:50    Welcome (Sean and Amanda)
            - Introduce ourselves, call all teachers and staff on stage
            - Name ourselves and say on interesting tidbit about ourselves

9:05    Slideshow
            - Teacher pictures
            - Reminders about things to learn at CASS
              1.  Cheese-grater Walls (DNA donations)
              2.  Country Wildlife
              3.  Sports and Intramurals
              4.  Arts
              5.  CASS Family

9:15    Lip Sync
            - we need to ask 3-4 students to come up on stage to challenge staff
            - 3-4 teachers will lip sync/dance/perform vs. students and audience can decide the victors

9:30    Well Wishes

9:35    Lockers (staggered with Grade 7 students trying their locks/lockers first)
            Staggered popsicle handout for students

10:00    Homerooms with designated homeroom teachers
            - hand out timetables, forms/paperwork
            - all Grade 7s will start the year with Hist/Geog and all Grade 8s will start with Science
              (we will explain the rotation every 3 or 4 cycles to them in class)
            - quick question/answers
            - dismiss for break at 10:25

* After first Nutrition Break, all students report to their regularly scheduled classes for Day 1 Period 3.