I am delighted to be your child's Math and/or Science teacher at CASS this year and I look forward to a rich and productive year of learning and growth. 

In Grade 7 and 8, students are working hard to implement organizational skills and become responsible for their own learning.  Daily homework, handouts, and notes from class will be stored with me.  Students will, or course, be able to bring home their duo-tangs to study for quizzes and tests.

I value effort, a positive attitude, and on-task behavior in class so students won’t have to work a lot at home.  If students are off task and need to be frequently redirected in class then they will have to finish assignments outside of school or with me during Nutrition Break.

If at any time you have questions or concerns, or feel you have something to share, please let me know.  You are a valuable part of our team!  Students will benefit tremendously from ongoing and open communication, and I hope this website will make it easier for me to share information with you.

In addition to my website, the ADSB is implementing Edsby in all of our classrooms!

In K-12, parents play a critical role. But too often today, they’re being asked to use handfuls of applications to follow their kids’ education. Edsby lets families see what’s happening at school with a single, secure app that also gives them an easy way to engage with their children’s teachers.

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