Online tests are great because you can have the questions and answers read out loud to you!  Everyone can benefit from hearing the text on the screen.  I recommend wearing headphones though (or at least turn the volume down).


Use Microsoft Edge as a browser.
Highlight text on the screen then right click on it with your mouse.  An option will appear to "Read Aloud".
You can also click on the three dots ( . . . ) in the top right corner and select Read Aloud for the whole page.

Use Firefox as a browser and install the TTS (Text to Speech) Extension.

Before using the extension, please make sure to visit the options page to adjust your settings - head to the Addons page in Firefox and open the settings from there.  To activate the extension after installation, please reload all your existing pages.  Highlight text on the screen and a blue bubble will appear - click it to read the text out loud.


Change the speech settings.
  1. Go to Settings  > General > Accessibility > Speech.
  2. Choose any of the following:
    • Speak Selection: To hear text you’ve selected, tap the Speak button.
    • Speak Screen: To hear the entire screen, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen.
    • Highlight Content: iPad can highlight words, sentences, or both as they’re spoken. You can change the highlight color and style.
    • Typing Feedback: You can configure typing feedback for software and hardware keyboards and choose to have iPad speak each character, entire words, auto-corrections, auto-capitalizations, and typing predictions. To hear typing predictions, you also need to go to Settings > General > Keyboards, then turn on Predictive.
    • Voices: Choose a voice and dialect.
  3. To adjust the speaking rate, drag the Speaking Rate slider.

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