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For my supply teacher,

Attendance is taken at the beginning of first block (8:45) and the beginning of third block (1:25).  If you are able to access our attendance online, please use this link:
If you cannot do attendance online, please have a student bring a list of absences to the office.

The key to the Science Lab (room 221 upstairs) can be found in the top middle drawer of my desk in room 123.  I have class lists and seating plans all at the front of my classroom for your reference.

In the event of a fire drill, the class lists, procedures, and green and red cards are all in my yellow duotang hanging up by the phone.

In the event of a code red (lockdown), you and the students leave room 123 and go into the French room (124) - locking the room behind you.  If you are upstairs in room 221, the door gets locked and then students go into the highschool classroom next door - locking the door behind you.

Students are not allowed to use their devices at all during class time - unless specifically instructed to do so.  All students place their devices in the white bucket at the front/side of the room.  If students are misusing technology then please confiscate the device until the end of class or have it brought upstairs to Mr. Kahtava.
Please make note of any behavior incidents so those students can be held accountable when I return.  Overall we have great kids but they can be somewhat chatty and off-task at times.

Many thanks for helping out,

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